Initiated in 2019, by members of the Burundian diaspora and friends of the Shalom house who had the honor and the privilege to change, share on a concept, everything has to do with it. both innovative and old, from an education based on Ubuntu;

Designed to meet? a moral as well as a security call for reinforcements of the refugee's resilience? or vulnerable population, the Ubuntu Academy proposes to develop popular education programs aimed at? transmitting knowledge on diversified subjects, such as Leadership and resilience, the environment, the economy, health? public, the analysis of social issues? etc ...

The Ubuntu Academy is meant to be a space open to people. all, regardless of status and level of education. The absence of formal training or pedagogical education can in no way constitute an obstacle to? participation in workshops and learning modules. These modules allow a? everyone to be able to access a? this knowledge, and to share the experiences that emerge from it in order to ensure the appropriation of knowledge and the application of critical thinking to for personal and collective emancipation.

Above all, the Ubuntu Academy makes it easy to set up a social interaction system to enable people to interact with each other. everyone to find their place and their way of building their thoughts, developing their knowledge and relationships with others.

The modules are free, certifying, open to? all and organized from January to? December online and / or in person.

The Ubuntu Acade? Mie gives right to? a "learner's certificate" a? anyone who has followed at least the entire module.


According to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “Ubuntu is the essence of the human being. Ubuntu means that you cannot exist as a human being in isolation. Ubuntu recalls our interdependence. You cannot be a human just yourself; and when we recognize you the quality? in Ubuntu, you are recognized and re? for your age? rositis ?. Far too often we think of ourselves as just individuals, separate from each other, as you are connected and what you do affects the whole world. When you do well, it shines and it benefits? all of humanity? ".

The values of Ubuntu promoted by the Ubuntu Academy:

  • The respect
  • Everyone's confidence in their ability?
  • The motivation to change
  • Recognition of the small steps taken
  • Learning through? the exchange of ideas
  • Respect for different points of view
  • The effort to find common elements on which to build