The enjoyment of Christmas shared with refugee’s families in Mahama camp

For more than 20 years, Maison Shalom joined families and children in difficult situations to share the enjoyment and celebrate Christmas. Refugees, families, repatriates, children living in street, Imprisoned children, sick persons, prisoners and other people not being able to celebrate this event. Christmas 2015 was an opportunity to share love and to celebrate life to the camp of Mahama with families and taken refuge Burundian children. Thanks to the support of the Rwandan authorities, support from friends and various donors, with the good collaboration of all other operational partners in Mahama refugee camp, Maison Shalom, joined the population of the refugees to celebrate Christmas.  The speeches of the Minister in charge of refugees affairs and the Representative of the UNHCR were centred, in answer of the speech of the representative of the refugees, on support of the Republic of Rwanda and the High commission for the Refugees (UNHCR) and their determination to make the good and deserving life of the refugees while waiting for return in their country. Marguerite Barankitse, President of Maison Shalom, in the name of the other partners thanked the authorities for the efforts and the availability of all the state departments and their determination to return the better life of the refugees; she did not forget the other partners for their motivation and dedication. She encouraged the refugees and promised them to remain stay up and near by them to support and help those in need. She ended by advice, telling them to be not only beneficiaries of the various programs but also to contribute to their own development and to learn many of the Rwandan environments. Ceremonies ended with the delivery of presents and the sharing of drinks at the rate of the drum, the Burundian traditional dances of the children and young refugees, accompanied by a Rwandan musical group.