United against the Coronavirus COVID-19

Dear Friends, Dear Partners, Hello. It is in this context of the fear that invades the world following the expansion of the Coronavirus COVID-19 that we are writing to you this message of encouragement and sympathy for those who are directly affected by this scourge. In Rwanda, The Government took more serious preventive measures after the appearance of the first cases of contamination on Rwandan territory. At Maison Shalom, We are a bearer of hope and we transmit this message of hope from Maggy, the founder of Maison Shalom: "Let us remain serene and united against all fear by scrupulously respecting the instructions of the health authorities for the prevention and the fight against this epidemic. Let us not forget that it is in despair that our mission is most useful? ". These preventive measures undoubtedly affect the pace of activities, especially activities that lead to gatherings. Pupils and students must leave campuses for two weeks. The students return to revise the lessons and prepare for the exams scheduled in two weeks. We hope the situation returns to normal as soon as possible and will keep you posted if the situation develops otherwise. Best regards