Stories of Hope

Fabrice I


I received support from Maison Shalom to complete my studies at Kibungo University. I graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Agronomy, currently I supervise my brothers and sisters in Mahama camp practicing family farming.

Marlyne N.


I am a student at United World College in Armenia thanks to a scholarship from Maison Shalom in partnership with Aurora Initiatives. I look forward to how far I have come with this scholarship and my future will be brighter and more successful than I ever imagined.

Emelyne I


I learned shoemaking thanks to the support of Maison Shalom, the money I earn helps me in everyday life and I am very proud of it. Thank you Maison Shalom.

Alice Shimirimana


The support I received from Maison Shalom helped me a lot, it strengthened the capital I already had, it allowed me to buy more goods than I could previously afford. With this capital, my profit to increase. I owe all this to Maison Shalom, which supported me.