Refugees work with the host population

A 3 ha land intended for agriculture was inaugurated by Mrs. Barankitse Marguerite, founder of Maison Shalom. The main objective of this field is to help small producers to become key actors in terms of food security and poverty reduction in their society / community. For this purpose, a cooperative of 106 agricultural producers was created. The members of this cooperative were chosen from each village of the Mahama refugee camp and from the Rwandan host community near the camp, in order to promote integration. In January, the growers worked together and started by preparing the land so that it was ready for growing Season B crops in February. The planned crops to be sown are red onions on 1.5 ha and soybeans on the remaining 1.5 ha. At each stage, they were trained, supervised and supported by 3 agronomists so that producers could follow good agricultural practices and ensure a good harvest at the end of each season.