Mission and values


We fully believe in the accomplishment of our mission. Through determination and friendship with our partners and friends who love and support us, we are confident that our dream of seeing humanity shine and experience the fullness of life will become a reality.


Every human being lives with dignity and thrives fully in any society.


Promote human development by providing psychosocial, educational and economic support to the most needy to empower them and transform them into agents of positive change in their communities.

Guiding principles

  1. Dignity:We believe that every human being has intrinsic worth, regardless of social status, socioeconomic status, and ethnic, political or religious affiliation.
  2. Compassion:We share the suffering of our neighbor without feeling sorry for his fate and we help him to get back on his feet.
  3. Harmony:We welcome our differences as a source of strength and inspiration. We live together as members of the same family respecting each other's freedoms, beliefs and opinions.
  4. Humility:We recognize our limits and are open to any constructive input from our partners to improve our services.
  5. Integrity: We use the goods received for the common good and in transparency towards all our partners.