The visit of the Belgian socialist deputy, Ben Achour Malik

The Belgian socialist MP, Mr. Ben Achour Malik, was welcomed at the Mahama refugee camp. He was able to see the different activities implemented by Maison Shalom, he visited agricultural activities in which refugees work and are paid to support their families, computer training centers for different trades as well as the Hozagara Hub complex where young people trained come to put their knowledge into practice. After his visit to the Mahama refugee camp, the Belgian socialist MP Ben Achour Malik visited the headquarters of Maison Shalom in Kigali to better understand and discuss with Ms. Marguerite Barankitse, founder of Maison Shalom. The visit started with a meeting with the little children of the pre-school supervision to whom he served lunch. He then visited the learners of different trades at the Oasis of Peace community center in Kigali. After attending the training of refugee drummers, he had a meeting with Marguerite Barankitse and left for Belgium. In all his messages, he praised the work of Maison Shalom for the refugees and encouraged the refugees to keep their courage and maximize the value of the learning received from the various trainings provided by Maison Shalom.