Celebration of World Refugee Day 2021

"A refugee is a normal person in an abnormal situation". By this we remind ourselves how important it is to fight for one's dignity. Today, as we mark World Refugee Day, more than 20 adolescent girls and young girls received certificates for completing a 6-month module on "Adolescent Leadership and Resilience", as part of the UBUNTU academy. They were called not to limit themselves to acquiring this extraordinary knowledge only, but to be resilient in difficult times and to find solutions on their own. On the same day, there was the launch of the Agateka Kacu fund, a fund launched by Maison Shalom and a group of refugees, which will help create jobs for our brothers and sisters in Mahama camp. The first agricultural activities reached more than 200 men and women, who are ready to work and change their lives and that of their families. With the support of different friends, partners and the diaspora, we can help many households and create jobs for many more for an extended period.