Presentation of the socio-medical axis

Goal : Prevention, treatment, health promotion


The "REMA" Hospital Center made up of the Center for the Protection of Mother and Child (CPME), the REMA Hospital and the St Michel Paramedical School (EPM St Michel) was set up to avoid the problem. increase in orphans due to illnesses or poor childbirth conditions.


The innovation of the socio-medical axis is its holistic approach to health, that is to say to pay all the necessary attention to the preventive aspect as well as to the curative and promotional aspects. The treatments and all curative care are supported by the REMA Hospital, which is based on the principle of "health is a right and not a privilege"; no one who seeks treatment will be refused.
REMA care is supported by the Mother and Child Protection Center, which represents prevention and awareness. Rather than taking care of even more orphans, Maison Shalom is committed to preventing children from ending up without families. On average, 16,590 patients treated at REMA Hospital each year.


Attached to the REMA Hospital, the St Michel Paramedical School was created in 2008 to respond to the crying lack of paramedical personnel in the country, and more particularly in the province of Ruyigi. Ranked first among nursing schools in Burundi, EPM St Michel has sent out around thirty A2 level nurses each year.