Psychosocial support

Despite the efforts and assistance programs put in place, the situation of urban refugees remains precarious - insufficient food, unemployment and lack of income. A good part of these refugees who are in the cities still have the aftereffects of trauma suffered during torture, gunshot wounds or grenades which even go as far as the amputation of certain limbs, while others have chronic illnesses. Some refugees are forced to stay in urban centers because they are hospitalized there or because they have easy access to medical care.


Support programs for the promotion of income-generating activities are implemented by Maison Shalom and other partners to help refugees earn income and support themselves. But this support remains very insufficient in view of the needs of the refugees, the vast majority of whom have fled, leaving everything behind and must start their lives from scratch. Faced with this situation, Maison Shalom provides psychological support, medical assistance and food and non-food support to the most deprived and unassisted refugees.