Income Generating Activities

Maison Shalom has invested in a series of infrastructures and services to increase its financial autonomy, create jobs and contribute to the development of the Eastern Region of Burundi.


The first bank was established in Ruyigi thanks to the advocacy of Maison Shalom. The latter made the building housing its services available to the bank. A second Bank will subsequently be set up in another building of Maison Shalom, within the walls of the City of Angels.


Apart from these buildings rented by the bank, Maison Shalom has developed catering and accommodation services, the Guest House Frieden, reception houses, "Villa des Anges". They were the very first structures in Ruyigi offering good quality accommodation and catering services. Visitors who once preferred to spend the night in Gitega, Burundi's second city, could finally stay in Ruyigi and have all the necessary services.