Nursery and primary school

Thanks to the initiative of Maggy and the contributors of Maison Shalom, a community kindergarten was opened in 2005. This was a space where children aged between 1 and 5 years of age could play, interact and have fun, enabling them to experience a meaningful childhood. This space also allowed children of Maison Shalom to spend time with other children from not from their own community. Their parents, who were mostly peasants,  and widowed women, with very young l children and had no means to look after them while working in their fields, would drop off their children in the morning, and pick them back up after working  in the fields. Inspired by Maggy’s desire to keep families united, these parents, anxious to improve the quality of education in the province of Ruyigi in the  post-conflict period, collaborated with Maison Shalom to open a nursery and primary school in the building of the community kindergarten.

Centre for vocational training

Following the signing of the peace agreement in Burundi in 2003, Maison Shalom initiated a vocational education program to meet the training needs of a large number of demobilized child soldiers, street children, returnees, war orphans and other disadvantaged children. From 2005 to 2015, 2,561 young people were trained in various trades including carpentry, masonry, sewing, mechanics and driving, agriculture, soap making and plumbing.  

Maison Shalom