Burundi is among the three poorest countries in the world. Nearly 80{18eeec6d52be440851c72f84af3a253ac0c44132395a14858bdc1df3131757b0} of the population earn less than $ 1 / day. Unemployment is one of the most pressing issues, and it particularly affects young people. To improve their socio-economic conditions, households need means of production, which in this case meant capital. In addition, in eastern Burundi, microfinance services were almost non-existent. These two factors inspired the creation of the "UCP - GIRUBUNTU", a movement of cooperatives of production, and the ITEKA Microfinance program, both of which became operational in June 2012. By 2014, the volume of credit released by ITEKA Microfinance amounted to 690,000 USD to 14,797 customers including 70{18eeec6d52be440851c72f84af3a253ac0c44132395a14858bdc1df3131757b0} of farmers, members of the Movement of Cooperatives "UCP-GIRUBUNTU", which had 27 cooperatives and 9,574 members.  

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